Hi, I’m Tricia Lawrence, founder of Author Blogger, and I think you’ve come to the right place.

You’re here if you didn’t want to hang out on the mothership blog here (which is now completely taken over by creativity topics). As you’ve probably heard, I’m an associate agent at Erin Murphy Literary and it’s all social media for authors now over here.

But you’re here! I’m so glad.

I started in this publishing career early in my life. In fact, my first publishing job was at the ripe old age of 21, like four days after I turned 21. I wasn’t technically even out of college yet. But I love books and I wanted to get in sooner rather than later.

My entry into publishing was a bit unorthodox. Because there were no degrees in editing (not even editing certificates being offered) and I didn’t want a journalism degree, I learned copyediting and proofreading from the apprenticeship model.

Probably one of the last to learn it that way. It involves on-the-job training (mine was with Elsevier Science and other publishers) and then extremely detailed feedback letters in which I saw every single one of my errors (everything I had missed, in other words) and had to make sure I never made those errors again.

I spent a decade doing this to make a living while I pitched books to publishers I met as a production editor. My first I sold when I was 23 (without an agent) and my first book series was sold at 24, again without an agent. I didn’t learn how to protect myself until much later and what was worse, I knew nothing about marketing back in those days (the mid-to-late 1990s).

My first book series (illustrated hardback gift books) were featured in Target stores nationwide for 1998, 1999, and 2000, especially around Mother’s Day, when the books were pitched as obvious and handy gifts on a Target endcap in the gift wrap/books section.

In 1998, I was offered a second series, this time a kids book series that unfortunately came out only weeks after a similar series that bore the exact same titles!

As the years moved on, I got married and moved to Seattle with my husband, and then in 2005, I discovered blogging, in 2007, the social networks (I was one of the earliest adopters of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn), and in 2009, I began consulting with authors who wanted to use these powerful tools to market their books.

So, for the past 15 years, I’ve been writing for print publishing, talking to agents, figuring out marketing and social media, and realizing how much of it has changed forever. And after my first eight smallish, yet successful attempts (all eight were in stores; some nationwide, others worldwide) to write print books and build a author career, I’m open to other options. But before anyone accuses me of being a print publishing “hater,” stop.

I will never turn my back on print publishing, not as long as they still put out books and continue to distribute those books to every corner of the world.

But with Author Blogger, I want to present an approach to social media that can work for anyone (traditional publishing, self-publishing, or a mix of the two (ie, utilizing social media to help YOU sell more books).

In 2011, I spoke at SXSW Interactive on this very topic. But, because of my current job handling my own clients with Erin Murphy Literary, my consulting time is full. Each year, I teach workshops on social media at select SCBWI conferences around the United States, and am about to launch Social Media School and Social Media Grad School, all while developing other digital programs (aka infoproducts) that will further spread the Author Blogger brand.

If you’d like to keep up on the latest from this blog, plus the occasional bonus, and get notified about workshops and digital program (aka infoproduct) launches, sign up for my eZine!

If you’d like to connect online, I’m on Twitter: @authorblogger and I’m on email: tricia at authorblogger.net. And Author Blogger is on Facebook!

I welcome the opportunity to brainstorm anytime (on the blog or back channel) about social media and how to position yourself effectively in your audience’s minds can help you as an author.

Thanks for visiting!

And of course, I’m always available to you. If you have any question or comment, please feel free to add a comment to a blog post, or to send me a note back channel on the topic of social media only.

NOTE: I cannot accept any unsolicited manuscript submissions via Author Blogger or any of Author Blogger’s social media channels. If you have a referral (ie, an EMLA client or an editor or agent referring you to me), please check here. If you don’t have a referral from one of the above three sources, anything sent to me via my Author Blogger email, blog, or social media will be considered unsolicited and deleted. Thanks for understanding!