What Do You Talk About On Social Media?

by Tricia

in Social Media

(via Flickr; small boat marina on Hickam JMB, Oahu)

I’m talking constraints.

There are off-limit subjects IF your social media presence is supposed to be about something else.

If you talk one thing, you should probably not talk about other things. I’m not going to outline what you should or should not talk about, I’m just saying there is a point to your social media presence, right?

Then be consistent with what you post and how you update your status and what you Tweet out to your community.

Love this by Danielle LaPorte from her new book YOUR BIG, BEAUTIFUL BOOK PLAN:

You have to be clear on your theme—what most people will call your brand—what your service is, what you’re an expert at, the tribe you’re leading, and only talk about that stuff. If it’s not relevant to your brand and your message, you don’t talk about it.

I absolutely agree.

How will you apply this today? Comment here or go out and start talking about your brand!

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