How Do Authors DO Social Media?

by Tricia

in Social Media

Source: via Trish on Pinterest


A great article on Mediabistro by YA novelist Marie Lu last week caught my eye. In it was one reply by Lu about how to use social media as a working author:

Q: Do you have any tips for authors looking to connect with their readers via social networking sites?

A: I think something readers really love to see is an insider’s view–it’s always nice to use social networking to keep readers updated on the latest reviews or signings, etc, but it’s also good to sprinkle in casual social updates about your writing life. Tweeting something like “I think one of my characters just rebelled against my perfectly planned outline!” always gets fun reactions. I think readers really enjoy peeking in on the process. You can’t be too serious when connecting with readers via social networks….have fun with it.

I love this advice. Anyone tried a similar approach with good results?

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