The Transition from Social Media Strategist to KidLit Agent

by Tricia

in Becoming Agent


Busy summer. I’ve been reading. A LOT.

In times of transition, I tend to retreat into reading. It’s my escapism. But this year, it especially paid off for me. Because I’ve had to learn to read as an agent rather than read as a reader, a critique partner, or as I’ve been doing for the past 16 years, as an editor.

It’s a little bit different than I expected. But I’ve definitely used it to my advantage. I have learned to let myself sink into a book that I truly love and I’ve learned to know very quickly when I’m not reading a book I love. It’s a different sort of reader, editor, crit sensibility. It’s only reaching out when I really want to. There’s no ownership otherwise. Who has time to own every single manuscript, especially when there are simply piles of them waiting to be read? (Thank goodness, I can read on my Kindle and save trees!)

But this new form of reading has made me read more. I still read piles of published books and frequently lose myself in one or two that I simply can’t put down. Learning to read as an agent has fueled my fire to read more, not less.

That I was not expecting.

It has been an incredible seven months. I have gone from being wholeheartedly social media strategist to partial social media strategist and now strident READER. I have sunk into this new role much like a wonderful book, owning it, relishing it, letting it take over parts of my life completely.

Now that’s the way to let your life change dramatically, right? Keep calm and go read a book!

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