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by Tricia

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Just a word for those who continue to visit this blog and wonder why suddenly there is all this talk about kids books and kids book author promotion.

I’m changing things up.

I tried to launch in April, but my travel schedule got in my way. So, now, in May 2011, you now get the choice between two different blogs focusing on authors using social media.

Authorblogger.net is for the non–kids book writing folks who are writing books for adults, whether that is memoir or fiction or narrative nonfiction, or if you’re only writing a blog and are just now thinking about positioning it for a future book, Authorblogger is the place blog for you.

What’s coming up on Authorblogger in May?

Authorblogger will play host to some top-notch online marketing and publishing experts, including Stephen Johnson of Community Engine, Pam Slim of Escape from Cubicle Nation, and Jonathan Fields, author of Career Renegade. I’m so excited! Are you?

So, head on over, especially during the next week or so, as things are built up and the fun gets started and thank you for your patience! It’s not easy to split a blog off into two blogs and it’s even harder on a blog audience to figure out where they are supposed to be! My aim is to make this easier, not harder, on you.

If you’re interested in this blog and are wondering when this 30-second commercial for Authorblogger is going to end, you’re lucky! I’m turning my attention to YOU! If you haven’t yet signed up for my real/brilliant eZine, please do. Good stuff coming up for kids book authors in the days to come. And thanks for sticking around with me, through the launch and relaunch and relaunch . . . I think we’ve got it now!

Happy Monday!

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