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The publishing industry is in serious flux.

We know this already. No need to harp on it. I have many, many good friends in print publishing. I am not interested in hopping aboard the “going nowhere” train that declares publishing is dead. Or the main germ: Print is dead.

No, it’s not. It’s been reborn.

Sure, it may not be ink, it is e-ink. It may not be paper books, but an iPad screen. Print must be separated out from the impression it makes upon a clean white page. It existed long before the Gutenberg press, remember. There were pen nubs and ink bottles and papyrus rolls. And before that, people told stories through art work on cave walls or kept their children wide-eyed and terrified around a lone campfire before Europeans even knew such lands existed.

But, Author Blogger isn’t here to take you through a history lesson.

I just want to set the stage for what’s coming with this site. While I am not anti-print, I am also very pro-anything that gets your message, your book idea, and your writing to the right audience. And I’m not inventing any of the ideas that I will be talking about on Author Blogger out of thin air; I’ve seen people use them to great success. Stay tuned to see who I bring aboard to talk about how they did it.

For today, consider this core concept: What if a print book was not the first step in your publishing journey?

Or even if you’re a published author such as myself, what if you next book didn’t start out as a print book proposal first? What if it started out closer to your audience?

What’s coming up first in April?

A community and influence strategist who has helped President Obama, the UN, and the state of California learn how to spread their most important message. I think this person will help many of you who are struggling with the print pub or self-pub question.

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